The idea that we must choose between a healthy environment and a healthy economy is a myth says David Goldstein, author of Saving Energy, Growing Jobs. Not only do well-conceived environmental regulations create more jobs, they also contribute to more efficient designs and less expensive products. Standing between us and a cleaner, more prosperous society, is the resistance of economic incumbents, and an economic fundamentalism that opposes any kind of regulation, even when it might prove beneficial.

Goldstein offers a new paradigm for the economy and the environment by showing how the nation (and the world) can preserve its resources and promote prosperity at the same time. Drawing on his experience as a research scientist and Energy Program Co-Director for the Natural Resources Defense Council, Goldstein points out that we already have a 30-year history of success built around regulation, technological innovation, and energy efficiency. This is not a work of airy theory but the conclusions of a scientist who has hard facts in hand.

This groundbreaking book:

  • Profiles the unexpected success of early energy regulations
  • Shows how markets actually work and how they fail
  • Exposes both the myths of environmentalists and anti-environmentalists
  • Provides a model for well-designed environmental policies
  • Offers guidelines for transforming the current political debate

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