Saving Energy Growing Jobs

  Table of Contents

        Foreword by Senator




Part I: Energy Efficiency and the Economy

   1     The Critical Role of Energy Efficiency in
the Economy

Energy Use Reduction • Environmental Policies Generate Cost Reductions • Opposition to Energy Efficiency • Establish More Competitive Markets

   2     Direct Success in Energy Efficiency
Early Resistance to Energy Efficiency • The Refrigerator Story • Other Energy-Efficiency Opportunities • How Far Can We Go with Efficiency?

   3     Enhanced Innovation-Energy Efficiency's Unexpected Success
Nonenergy Benefits • Innovation, Process Improvement, and Cost Reduction • Overcoming Barriers to Innovation • National Economic Development Policy and the Environment

Part II: Environmental Protection, Economic Barriers, and Economic     Development




Economic Fundamentalism—The Use of Economics as a Religion Rather Than a Science
What Is Economic Fundamentalism? • How Economic Theory Serves as a Political Force • How Critical Assumptions of Economic Theory Are Violated in Practice • The Need for Regulation • How Markets Actually Work

   5     Lessons from California's Failed Experiment in "Free Markets" for Electricity
The Road to Failure • What Actually Happened—Myth Versus Reality • The Consequences of the Restructuring Experiment • The True Causes of the California Energy Crisis

   6     How Markets Fail
What Prevents Expected Results • Market Barriers o Market Failures o Human Failures • Institutional Failures: Trade Associations and the Politics of Environmental Protection • Factors for Market Success

Part III: The Politics of Environmentalism

   7     Myths of the Anti-Environmentalists
The Myth of Independent Objective Analysis • The Myths about Environmentalists • The Consequences of the Anti-Environmentalist Myths

   8     Myths of the Environmentalists
The Greedy Corporation Myth • The “Bad People” Myth • The “Small Is Beautiful” Myth

   9     Legitimate Concerns of Business and Environmental Interests
Business's Concerns About New Regulation • Reasons Why Business Distrusts Environmentalists • Environmentalists' Concerns About Business • The Need for Better Communication

  10     What Truly Motivates Anti-Environmentalists
A Story of Energy Efficiency and Global Warming • The Influence of Economic and Ideological Incumbency • Who Writes the Regulations • Government Versus Private-Sector Regulation

  11     Well-Designed Environmental Policies
Current Environmental Policies • Future Environmental Policies

  12     Where Do We Go from Here?
Environmental Policy Promotes Economic Growth • Current Barriers to Environmental Policies • How to Transform the Political Debate • Incentives and Regulation

  13     Appendix: Myths and Realities in California's Experiment in Electricity Restructuring
Myth 1: Huge Growth of Demand for Electricity • Myth 2: Environmentalists and State Bureaucrats Blocked New Power Plant Construction • Myth 3: Greedy Utilities Used Restrucuting as a Plot • Myth 4: The Flaws of Restructuring Were Clear to All • Myth 5: Restructuring Did Not Go Far Enough • Myth 6: The "Genius of the Market" Will Solve Everything






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